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Perth Escorts – A Guide to the Finest, & Meanest, Small Spaces To make LOVE

escort in perth in bed with bootsHave you ever dreamed of getting down and dirty in less-than-conventional spaces? Well, you’re not the only one thinking of this, because having sex in cramped spaces can be exciting, spontaneous and fun. Sex in small spaces also helps enhance intimacy, and nurtures a sense of adventure too. But the key to successfully pulling this off requires mastering the right position, and the proper timing. Here’s the adventurous couple’s guide to the finest, and meanest, small spaces to have sex.


Are you planning a weekend getaway with your girlfriend, or perhaps with your lovely Perth Escorts? Why don’t you try camping out in the woods for a change? Tents are relaxing, rustic and primal places for getting in touch with nature, and with your inner-most desires.

With the stars in the sky as the perfect backdrop, and the smell of pine trees (as well as that of campfire) adding to the mood, the tent should be the perfect place for “roughing it up”!


Apart from camping in the woods, any outdoor adventure activity should also include exploring a couple of caves in the area. And what’s nice about exploring a cave is that the experience can be very thrilling and adrenaline-rushing, as you’ll see lots of natural rock formations and animals or insects inside too.

And of course the darkness adds an element of danger, as well as provides the perfect cover for a quickie! However, be on the lookout for bats, and other people who might come in unannounced (including the park ranger!).

The Shower

While many couples think that sex in the shower can be just so kinky, the truth is that unless you have a big, fancy shower, it would be likely that both of you may have to stand up for some time, and maintain your balance on the extra-slippery floor.

The Car’s Backseat

Want to feel like you’re in high school or college again? Then try having sex in the backseat of a car again! Car sex can truly be a passionate, yet somehow dangerous activity (especially if someone inadvertently kicks the hand brakes).

And of course, if you end up slamming your lower back into a seat belt, then the sex in the car should be a very painful episode to remember.

The Airplane Bathroom

While sex in a passenger plane’s bathroom may sound so exciting, it has its share of pitfalls too. First, both couples need to put up with the germs and extra-cramped spaces (as well as deal with the ensuing air turbulence).

But if you can pull this off with your spouse or with your favourite Perth Escorts, then that should make this a flight to remember!

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