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Perth Escorts – A Definitive Ranking of 3 (of the Many Different) Ways to Have Sex

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Perth Escorts

Alongside food, water and air, what’s right there at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Don’t have a clue? Well it’s – sex! Come on, we think about it every 7 seconds, and then we go to sleep and dream about it continuously, and as the famous British singer George Michael affirms, it’s “natural and fun”!  So, to start a fun and exciting debate about sex, let me try to give you a definitive ranking of at least three of the many different ways to have sex.

Three-Way Sex

Have you and your girlfriend, or perhaps even your preferred Perth Escorts, ever joined a threesome? Well, according to sex experts, three-way sex refers to you, your significant other and an adventurous college friend, or the random girl you met at the bar, and then one thing lead to another, and then come the high-fives!

Now for the advantages of three-way sex. First, it makes the average person feel like a porn star, and in a three-way, no one is never not thinking “I cannot believe this is happening”!  For the drawbacks, these include difficult logistics, a high potential for hurt feelings, a strong possibility that you’ll be permanently overshadows by your guest star!

Hate Sex

According to a noted sex expert, hate sex is when there’s that person in your life you cannot stand down, but to whom you are inexplicably attracted, and then one night you slip right over that thin line that separates love and hate.

Hate sex is deemed intense, dramatic, and you cannot help but feel like Sam or Diane from the TV series Cheers! Now for the potential drawbacks, hate sex happens almost exclusively on television!

Hookup App Sex

Hookup app sex is when you shag someone you met on Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Scruff and on the other new hookup and dating apps. You select a picture, then you judge others based on theirs, you text and flirt, and then you may end up in a stranger’s apartment afterward!

Now for the perks, hookup app sex feels much like an adult version of Pokemon Go! And for the disadvantages, well, you might end up with someone who looks like those nasty monster in Pokemon Go!

But then again, if you’re just not into using hookup apps, but you’re most definitely into three-way sex, why don’t you contact the lovely and alluring Perth Escorts, and arrange for one hot date night!

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