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Did you know that scents are among the things that can have quite an influence on you and your woman? Simply put, the right scent can turn her on, while the wrong one can turn her off. Whether you’re in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, or somewhere else when the desire hits, the ladies at Perth Escorts agree that some smells are better left untouched, so to speak.

Obviously, others will help in setting the mood, so here are a few of the top picks that will help both you and her.

1. Vanilla. Since it’s an aphrodisiac for both men and women, this is a winning pick. Seen as a relaxant as well, it was used in both French and Chinese perfumes. However, don’t pick a cologne that’s predominantly vanilla; pick one that uses the scent as a base note instead.

2. Jasmine. This sweet and soothing scent hints at all-night romance, and its relaxing smell will help your partner loosen up. Some men’s colognes will combine basil and sage with jasmine for a scent that will turn your sexy romp into something sensual and slow.

3. Ylang-ylang. This floral scent lasts longer than others so it’s a great choice that’s both potent and sexy. While arousing, it’s also as soothing as jasmine, so if you’re looking for a night of erotic sex, then this is the scent you’ll want to use.

4. Lavender. Many women find this scent highly alluring, and in the right combinations, it’s irresistible. Like vanilla, it’s a known aphrodisiac; in fact, it was put near newly-weds’ pillows and beds to encourage love-making. If sex is what you’re after, look for a cologne that uses this scent.

5. Peppermint. This scent helps keep people awake and alert, which is what you need if you don’t want to fall asleep while doing the do. Other experts say that peppermint helps people be more adventurous, too. If you want you and your partner to try something new and not snooze in the process, there’s no better pick.

Just remember that a woman’s nose is more sensitive, so make sure not to overdo things when you spray that cologne one. The next time you hook up with a lovely babe for the night or engage one of the gorgeous gals featured in the pages of Perth Escorts, you’ll know which scent to use.

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