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Perth Escorts – 4 Things About A Lady’s Vagina That Most Guys Don’t Care About

big ass escort girl in perth watching the viewWhen it comes to talk about sex, most guys quickly set their sights on one aspect of a woman’s body, and it’s the vagina. However, many men often fail to appreciate a couple of things or aspects about a woman’s “pussy”, to the chagrin of a lot of ladies (Perhaps it’s because they don’t have one!) . Here are four things about a woman’s vagina that many guys don’t care about.

The Way Her Labia Looks
When you make love to your girlfriend, or to your favourite Perth Escorts, do you gaze at their “love hole” and appreciate its natural beauty? As each one of us is created differently, this means that each woman’s vagina will somehow look differently than the rest.

For example, some vaginas have big lips while other have small lips, and others have lips that stick out, or have lips that you can barely see. And just like all of God’s creatures, they are all beautiful. If you don’t appreciate how her labia looks, then you are one truly dumb bloke!

The Way She’s Arranged Her Pubic Hair
A guy or girl’s pubic hair down below can be compared to a house’s lawn. Most people aren’t going to be bothered by it as long as it looks like someone lives there, and it does not need to be perfectly manicured. However, no guy wants a spooky, boarded-up vagina which looks and feels a dilapidated shack, or a haunted house!

How Big or Small it Is
Somewhere out there in the planet, there exists an extremely deep vagina, as well as an extremely shallow vagina. Some women would even go to extreme lengths like have their vaginas tightened, just to satisfy a guy. However, the truth is that most guys don’t care about this!

What Colour It Is
Every woman’s vagina smells differently, and it’s whatever colour it’s supposed to be! Well, what colour did you expect of your girlfriend or hookup partner’s snatch? Well anyway, whether you’re single or taken, but you still want to have a real good time, remember that the lovely and sexy Perth Escorts are just a phone call away!

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