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Perth Escorts – 4 Tasty & Frisky food Items That Can Enhance Foreplay

naked perth escort girl on sandsWho says that you can mix food and sex? Well, according to sex experts, there are actually food items that guys and girls should avoid before having sex, however there are food items that are both tasty and frisky, and have been proven to fully enhance foreplay. Here’s a look at 4 delectable yet potent foreplay-enhancing food items that you can add to make your bedroom trysts fun, exciting and shall I say, tasty?

Peanut Butter
Who says peanut butter is only good with – toast? Packed with proteins and other nutrients, what’s so nice is that you can actually use it to enhance foreplay with your girlfriend, or even with your preferred Perth Escorts!

According to veteran sex experts, peanut butter can be playfully scooped and sensually applied with the flick of a finger. And after applying it, place your finger to your partner’s lips, and encourage her to taste it before you taste them. And unlike jellied spreads, peanut butter won’t run as your bodies move (or contort!)

Whipped Cream
whipped cream is ideal for kitchens, as well as the bedroom, because of its sweet taste, easy application and its seductive, signature sound. All you need to do is apply the whipped cream to any part of your partner’s body, and enjoy the removal process, with the assurance that it will not melt!

Granulated Sugar
Very sweet and easy to sprinkle, granulated sugar should make a perfect food item for sprinkling (or light dusting) on your lover’s neck, the inside of the thighs and around the breasts. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, because doing so could lead to a grainy, sandy feeling on the bed sheets!

I guess you remember your childhood days, when you played “pass the ice cube” while kissing. Well, you could actually do this even when you’re an adult already, although it would be so much better if you use fruits like cherries, grapes and strawberries.

Start with a piece of fruit in your mouth, and passionately kiss your girlfriend, or lovely Perth Escorts, and savour both the taste and experience! Just make sure you keep it clean and tidy, if only to avoid sticky situations (and the invasion of more ants into your bedroom!)

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