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Perth Escorts – 4 of the Most Unusual Forms of Sexual Expression

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Do you know of anyone who has a weird, or truly unusual form of sexual expression? In case you’re not familiar with it yet, any unusual form of sexual expression (or sexual habit) is called a “paraphilia”, and some of the most common paraphilias include fetishism (Think of the word “fetish”), where the person becomes sexually fixated with specific body parts of non-living objects. Here’s a peek at a few of the most unusual forms of sexual expression.


This is perhaps one of the weirdest forms of sexual expression ever, as sexual arousal is derived from the thought of literally eating another person, or being eaten by someone else! Thank goodness, you’re as normal as everyone else, and you’d rather have fun times in bed with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts!

Most of the people who have vorarephilia however, just fantasize about the act, but some of them actually go through with it. Like for example, a man in Germany was arrested for murder after carrying out this activity in real life!


In this paraphilia, sexual pleasure is derived from seeing one’s partner engage in sexual activity with another individual, or from knowing that one’s partner is having an affair. What’s so surprising is that a large number of people today appear to have such fantasies or paraphilias!


With abasiophilia, sexual pleasure is derived from either viewing or sexually interacting with an individual who has limited mobility, such as a person who’s wearing a cast or using crutches! Damn, I’d rather go for food fetishes anytime!


With omorashi, sexual pleasure is derived from either having a full bladder, or watching somebody else with a full bladder wet themselves (or watch them urinate!). This however, is separate from urophila, in which an individual experiences arousal in response to urinating on someone else, or having someone urinate on them!

Thank goodness you’re a perfectly normal individual, and don’t exhibit any of these weird forms of sexual expression, and you’re more than content in sharing your erotic pleasures with the hot and alluring Perth Escorts!

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