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Perth Escorts – 4 of the Best Dream Destinations to Have Sex

Perth Escorts

Perth Escorts

Are you the type of guy who loves to travel, and get lost in some exotic and far-away destination? Well, if you’re planning to traverse continents and zigzag the map with your wild wanderings, here’s a peek at a few of the many dream destinations where you can see the sights, enjoy the thrills, and have sex too!

In an Igloo

If an icy adventure to the North or South pole is included in your travel bucket list, perhaps you could bring along the hot and sizzling Perth Escorts with you, because even if it’s already below zero outside, in your little ice hut you and your lover can get warm and comfy, with a bottle of chilled  white wine and he glow of the fire to set the mood!

But before you lie among the soft downy pelts of moose and caribou, make sure you bring extra condoms, because the nearest drug store that’s open at  this part of the world could b a 3-day ride away!

On the Back of a Unicorn

After going to all the trouble of tracking down and taming one of the most stunning of all mythical beasts, you’d be darn sure that we would at least try to have sex on it! Well, if you couldn’t  find one (Which I’m sure you won’t), you could get your lady on the back of a horse with a horn duct-taped to its head!

In a Cable Car Moving Across the Alps

Yes, I’ve already seen people having sex on a cable car that was zipping through the Swiss Alps (Although it was on a James Bond movie I think). But then again, who says that you couldn’t get “shaken and stirred” in a bus or sedan-sized contraption suspended thousands of feet in the air on a thin little cable? Just make sure you do it in winter, to really capture the feel  of the Swiss Alps!

On an Underwater Luxury Hotel Room

Who hasn’t dreamed of plumbing new depths of pleasure, by shagging in a super-luxurious underwater hotel room? Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have sex in full view of sharks, dolphins and schools of barracuda?

This would definitely be a whole new league of lovemaking, and the sensations that you and your hookup buddy, or preferred Perth Escorts, would feel will truly be off the scale!

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