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Perth Escorts – 4 Massage Tips That Can Lead to More Sizzling Sex

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Body massages are perfect for soothing the muscles, and the senses. And of course, they’re perfect prepping techniques for better sex too! But then again, admit that you’ve probably given your woman a half-assed, lousy rubdown most of the time, thinking that it was all you had to do to warm her up for sex! Here are a couple of massage techniques that can lead to more sizzling sex.

Soak Her Muscles
Whether you’re giving a rubdown on your girlfriend, or the hot and sizzling Perth Escorts, the first step is to get her relaxed before you amaze her. You could prepare a bath and pour in some essential oils, as the bath will get her muscles ready for the massage, as well as give you an excuse to towel her off!

Make Her Comfy
The next step would be to make her comfortable, by having her lie in bed, and soften her hands with massage oil, then start rubbing in her feet, not her back. Why? Because there are thousands of nerve endings in our soles, which stimulate the entire nervous system. Thus, massage each foot, and then slowly move up to her calves and so on, and remember to keep the progression slow!

Change Up Your Strokes
When giving a massage to your lady, don’t just poke her muscles with your fingers, but knead them. Feather strokes are perfect on tender areas, and you just roll your fingers back and forth while you move her hands up and down the muscle. Make sure to pay attention to the top part of each muscle where it meets the bone!

Focus on Her Pleasure Zones
According to sex experts, a woman’s inner thighs up to her pelvic bone, her glutes and pectoral muscles are all highly sensual areas. Which are sadly neglected by most of the men today.

So, to keep your hookup buddy, or the hot and sexy Perth Escorts relaxed and all fired up for more sex, use compressions followed by kneading on the inner thighs, butt and tailbone, as well as feather strokes on her breasts!

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