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Perth Escorts – 4 Great Foreplay Moves Any Babe Will Love

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Every bloke wants to be the one that blows their girl’s mind when it comes to sexy times in the bedroom, living room, bathroom – wherever they happen to get it on. The difficulty comes from men and women having different attitudes about and approaches to foreplay. Even the sexy vixens at Perth Escorts agree that some men could use some instruction, as far as arousing their partners in bed is concerned.

Given that, here are a few moves for foreplay that you need to know if you want to wow your partner the next time you have a little fun beneath the sheets.

1. Massage. This one is all about helping her relax before you even get started. Give her a foot rub or a shoulder massage, and from there, work your way to a whole-body massage that’s sure to make her putty in your hands when you’re done. Just make sure you have even basic knowledge of how to give someone a massage.

2. Kissing. While you may know how to kiss, it’s more a question of the kind of kiss you use on her at certain points. Starting out with the tongue isn’t a good idea, nor is accidentally drooling on her. You want her to be turned on, not grossed out. Make sure you remember to work your way from light and teasing kisses to the heavier, more aggressive ones.

3. Breast play. Don’t be one of those men your girl likely complained about in the past – the ones who’d stare at her boobs but then do almost nothing with them once in the bedroom. Her breasts and nipples can be quite sensitive, so playing with them will help you get her more aroused.

Besides fondling them, you can try kissing them, working your way up to licking and perhaps even a little nibbling. You can even combine fondling and massaging a breast while you lick or suck the nipple and watch as she starts writhing in pleasure.

4. Oral. Don’t just penetrate her with your tongue, but instead use it to delicately stroke her labia and clit, lick her a little – essentially, tease her just enough to make her want a little heavier oral action.
Want to work on your skills in the bedroom but don’t have a long-term partner? Browse the gallery at Perth Escorts. You’re sure to find the perfect courtesan for you.

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