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Perth Escorts – 3 Things That Lesbians Can Teach Straight Guys and Girls About Orgasms

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Who says that only the straight folk have the most authoritative ideas regarding sex? It turns out that you could probably learn a thing or two from a woman who loves boobs as much as you do, because according to a recent study from Chapman University in the US, lesbians have more frequent orgasms than straight women! Here are a couple of thing that lesbians can teach straight guys and girls about orgasms.

Oral Sex is Key
Regardless of whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian or queer, the Chapman University researchers stressed that oral sex is the most important predictor of whether or not a woman will orgasm. Just try asking any lady out there, including the hot and sexy Perth Escorts, and they’ll tell you that oral sex is key!

The researchers also added that lesbians are much less likely to focus on vaginal intercourse, and rely on oral sex to get each other off. Oral sex also gives you direct access to her clitoris which is important since most women need some kind of clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Pleasure is a Two-Way Street
When straight couples have sex, they tend to follow a script – intercourse happens, you orgasm, sex ends, and you probably fall asleep. So what do lesbian women do differently? Well, in lesbian ladies, there might be more of a “turn-taking” thing, where one person orgasms and then the other person is brought to orgasm.

So, before you fall into that sex-orgasm-sleep rut, here’s what you should do – bring her to orgasm before intercourse even starts. You can also try manually stimulating her clitoris during sex to increase the chances of both of you climaxing together.

It Takes Time
One of the strongest predictors of orgasm for women, after oral sex, is the duration of sex – starting the clock at foreplay. The problem is that most men usually get turned on easier and faster than the women, which often cuts their session short!

On the other hand, lesbian couples report having sex 30 minutes longer during their last sexual encounter. So, the next time you’re in bed with your hookup buddies, or with the hot and sexy
Perth Escorts, make sure to slow things down, and take your time!

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