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Perth Escorts – 3 Questions To Ask When You’ve Fallen for a Friend’s Girlfriend

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Few dating dilemmas are as bad as liking your friend’s girlfriend. Practically all blokes can say they’ve gone through that. Whether the girl resembles one of the gorgeous babes at Perth Escorts or not, the fact is, one other guy is bound to find her attractive and start falling for her once she’s introduced.

Obviously, you’re happy for your friend since he’s found someone great to be his partner. At the same time, you’re jealous of him – for the same reason. That said, it can be easy to become attracted to someone you meet, even if she’s your friend’s girl. There’s nothing wrong with admiring and appreciating a member of the opposite gender but liking a friend’s new girlfriend – or even an old one – puts you on very shaky ground.

You have two choices: you either steal her from him or continue admiring her and hope that you’ll forget about her, eventually. Here are a few things to ask yourself so you’ll have a better idea of what to do.

1. How well do you know him? If you and your friend are very close, then don’t even think of trying to steal his girl. You can probably date her several months after they break up, and then only if she grows closer to you in the meantime. However, if you don’t know him that well, you may stand a chance.

2. Is she happy with him? No matter what you think of your friend in private, you shouldn’t presume to know that his girlfriend deserves someone better than him – i.e. you. Don’t try and woo her – discreetly! – unless you know for a fact that she isn’t happy with your friend.

3. Do you enjoy being with her? In rare cases, your friend’s girlfriend will go out of her way to talk to you, or otherwise spend time with you. Pay attention to what happens during this time.

Is she sharing relationship problems with you, asking for advice? She might just see you as a good guy friend in that case. But if your conversations are warm and happy, with some hints of romance, you could both be walking into something you might regret later.

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