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Perth Escorts – 3 of the “Laziest” Sex Positions in the Planet

Perth Escorts

Perth Escorts

For most people, sex can be as intense, sweaty and as tough as a Crossfit workout routine. However, most folks don’t know, or are not aware, that on the other end of the sex spectrum, there’s a type of sex where you can keep your sweatshirt and socks on, and you can still shag even if you are at your laziest! Here’s a fun peek at a few of the “laziest” sex positions in the planet today.

Sexy Straddle

I bet there are occasions when you can only muster the energy of a puppy, or a kitten, but you still want to get it on with ladies as hot and sexy as the lovely Perth Escorts. Well, the good thing is that there are certain sex positions that allow you to do so, and that includes a position called the Sexy Straddle!

The Sexy Straddle is perfect for locations where there’s no bed available, as it only requires one partner to wrap their legs around the other person who’s sitting upright. And unlike the other more intense Kama Sutra sex positions which require you to bend and contort your body in ways that it doesn’t normally contort, the Sexy Straddle is pretty comfortable, as both partners have their weight supported by a chair, or some other sturdy object that can be sat on!

Right Angle

To do the Right Angle sex position, one of you will lie down on the edge of a bed, couch or other surface. The other partner will stand between your legs, holding them at a 90-degree angle, if you’d like. Not only will the standing partner have a wonderful view, but it also allows for deeper penetration in a not-too-difficult position to hold!

Modified Doggy Style

Any from-behind sex position generally requires less effort for both parties involved. However, you can actually modify the doggy-style to be extra chill by having the receiving partner lie completely flat instead of kneeling on all fours, and then have the other person also lay down on top of them.

This allows everyone’s hands to freely roam all over, and the body contact makes it a tighter fit too. So, which extra-chill sex positions would you be raring to try out with ladies as hot and sexy as the Perth Escorts?

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