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Perth Escorts – 3 New Ways to Use Blindfolds in the Bedroom

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Blindfolds are the prop of choice in the bedroom for many couples, and no wonder. There are few things more titillating than having every other sense heightened so that a simple caress makes you feel weak-kneed. The lovely courtesans at Perth Escorts aren’t strangers to this prop, with many being open to using this and other toys in the bedroom.

If you’re not sure how else to incorporate it in your sex routine, here are a few ideas that don’t necessitate you being into hardcore BDSM.

1. Switch things around. Instead of blindfolding your partner and teasing her while she’s deprived of sight, have her do certain things to you while you watch. You’re sure to love seeing her explore your body as if it’s her first time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair for you to not reciprocate, so go ahead and stroke, caress, tease and please her in return. While she’s kissing her way down your torso, for instance, sit up a bit so you can fondle her boobs. Or kiss and suck her neck while she’s settling into your lap.

2. Have a blindfolded taste test. Prepare a few edible treats for your partner to taste while she’s blindfolded, including some that are lickable. This is sure to turn her on as she’ll eventually imagine oral sex, if she isn’t already. Take turns blindfolding each other to draw out this form of foreplay.

3. Give her an erotic massage. When she’s blindfolded, have her lie down on her belly, then start with really light sensation, like that from a tickler. Move on to teasing her with light touch and caresses, honing in on her erogenous zones – in this case, her butt and, by extension, her groin. You can make this massage more titillating by pausing now and then, and waiting for her beg you to touch her again.

Of course, there are more ways for you to use blindfolds in the bedroom; all you have to do is experiment with your partner. If you don’t have a committed partner, just browse the gallery at Perth Escorts. You’re sure to find the best pleasure professional to help you out.

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