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Perth Escorts – 3 New Technologies That Are Rapidly Changing Our Sex Lives

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The world has changed so fast in the past 20 years. For example, the advances in the Internet have made life easier for everyone, by making all sorts of information readily accessible, and by easily connecting people across vast regions worldwide too. However, technology isn’t just changing how we live, study or work, but it’s also altered the realm of love, dating and sex! Here’s a look at a couple of technologies that are rapidly changing our sex lives.

Mobile Apps
One technology that’s as ubiquitous as mobile phones are – mobile apps! I bet you and your friends, including your favourite Perth Escorts are hooked on a couple of mobile apps too! Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds of dating and hookup apps, which do more than just suggest which sex positions to try each night, but are designed to make sex more fun and adventurous too!

After the discovery of this Nobel-prize winning material, which is actually the 1-atom thick version of Carbon, it wasn’t long until most folks turned their eyes toward how we can use this incredibly strong and flexible material to make sex safer, fun and more enjoyable. And while it’s still years away before it’s mass-produced, it’s likely that within our lifetime that grapheme will slowly become ubiquitous, and will certainly affect our relationship with sex.

Virtual Reality
Who still doesn’t know virtual reality (VR)? Hey, I’ve already seen this stuff when they showed it on the original Blade runner movie in the 80s! After a dozen false starts, VR is finally here to stay, as the porn industry is even seriously developing ways to incorporate and use VR into their films.

VR porn is also predicted to be used to bring together actual, and virtual, couples, making it possible to interact with people face-to-face despite being hundreds, or thousands, of miles apart.

I bet VR technology would be perfect for couples who are in long-distance relationships or hookups, and I’m certain it will further make your erotic adventures with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts much steamier!

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