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Perth Escorts – 3 More of the Most Pressing, and the Funniest, Sex Questions Answered

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Perth Escorts

What’s the fuss about spanking?  Or do you ever get jailed if caught having sex on a plane? If you have any of these, and more, sex questions in mind, what’s so nice is that we got the answers to a few of the most pressing, and funny, questions straight from our pool of esteemed sex experts. Read on to find out the answers to 3 more truly in-demand sex questions.

What’s the Penalty for Getting Caught Having Sex on a Domestic or International Flight?

Looking to join the “Mile High Club”? Well, before you hop on a plane with your girlfriend, or perhaps with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts, first you need to know that depending on what country you’re heading to (Most specially the Middle east), you could be penalized if caught having sex in the plane’s lavatory, or anywhere else!

However, if your flight’s just within Australia, or if you’re heading to anywhere in the West, there isn’t one really, as long as you do not interfere with the safety of the aircraft. But, if the captain turns on the ”Fasten Seatbelt” sign, you and your partner must return to your seat, regardless of whether you’re finished or not, and put your tray table in the upright and locked position!

Why’s it That Some Folks Liked Being Spanked?

According to BDSM experts, pain is a factor, as is pleasure, although there’s no one word to accurately describe the appeal of erotic spanking. One bondage expert stresses that it might have more to do with the delightful sting, and the delightful warmth and vibrations that it sends through the whole body.

For one thing, the body part of region favoured by modern spank hounds is a tender zone that, when smacked just right, rouses the neighbouring genitals in both men and women. And of course, there’s also the humiliation aspect, which we all need in order to feel loved!

Do Colleges Have Sex Parties, or Was it Just Invented by Porn?

You wouldn’t think that porn would do such a thing like college sex parties, but yes most of what you see online are actually staged by highly-skilled professionals!  And while there are a couple of horny college folks who can put on a fine orgy, today’s college kids just don’t seem to have that erotic work ethic anymore, as in the US alone around 25% of college undergrads are virgins!

But then again, who says that you couldn’t relive the wet and wild college days again? Yes you could do them again, by doing some nasty role-playing with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts!


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