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Perth Escorts – 3 Great Ways to Bring Her to the Peak

Men and women are different when it comes to sexual pleasure. Women can definitely enjoy it, but they don’t always orgasm. The gorgeous girls shown in the pages of Perth Escorts are likely to fake an orgasm or two, but you can actually get her to drop the act.

three perth escort girls sunbathingHere are a few moves you can pull to have her drip all over you when you do the deed.


  1. Massage. It’s a good way to release tension and help your girl relax. Start at the nape of her neck and use gentle pressure, then work your way down. If you use scented or massage oil, be careful not to put any in her privates. The more aroused she gets, the better the sex will be.


  1. Tease. A woman usually has 10 erogenous zones, including her inner thighs, the back of her knees, and her ears. Start with gently stroking or licking one spot – say, the nape of her neck – then make your way to the next zone. Resist the urge to jump right in as you move up or down her body.


When you open her legs, exposing her wetness to the cool air, that’s as much a tease as anything. Use your hands to massage the area around her vagina, or kiss and lick her inner thighs before making your way up her torso and back to her breasts.


  1. Multi-task. This is the good part. Before making your way down south, try kissing her while toying with her clit. or use one hand to fondle a breast while the other one gently tugs her hair. Kiss and lick her inner thighs while playing with her butt. Thrown in a vibrating toy to run over her ass while you tease her with your tongue and lips.


If you really want to give her a wild ride, thrust into her when she least expects it. At the same time, suck one nipple while massaging and pinching the other. If you want to take this move a step further, wear a cock ring with vibrator so you stimulate her clit while thrusting.

If you want to feel just how good sex can get with these moves, check out the galleries at Perth Escorts and engage one of the lovely ladies. Try them out once things get heated, and you’ll need to change the sheets when you’re done.



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