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Perth Escorts – 3 Great Ideas on How to Make a Lady Less Self-Conscious in Bed

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How do you make your lady feel more relaxed and less self-conscious in bed? Do you start off with a little pep talk about life or whatever? Or do you first start off by asking her what she likes? If your girlfriend, or even your spouse, had sexual tastes that tend to skew more vanilla than ever, and you’re trying to infuse some new and refreshing stuff into the erotic repertoire (Like BDSM or some other fetish), here are a couple of cool ideas on how to make her more receptive, and less self-conscious, in bed.

Allow Your Partner to Share Her Fantasies
If your girlfriend, hookup buddy, or even your preferred Perth Escorts, feels a little shy or conscious in bed, perhaps you could break the ice by allowing her to share her desires! This approaches the level of intimacy, trust and comfort, and it’s quite literally tit for tat!

Perhaps you could start by asking her what does she think about when she masturbate, or what type of porn interests her (If she watchers porn). By encouraging your lady to share what turns her on, she will be filled with confidence and will also have a desire to return the favour!

Emphatically Tell Her What You Already Like
According to sex experts, there’s a strong chance that if you suggest new moves in the bedroom, your girlfriend might think that you are not satisfied with what you are already doing! To prevent this from happening, it would be better to compliment the things about your sex life that you do enjoy, as this will open the doors for suggestions on how to improve or introduce new ideas. For guys who want to be more adventurous, they should open a conversation with their partner about their sex lives, and tell their partner what they like about sex together.

Pace Yourself
Instead of quickly jumping right in and telling your lady that you’re interested in trying tuff like anal play or BDSM (Which will certainly scare her off), it would be best to go slow and communicate with your partner about what you both are thinking, feeling and doing.

By doing so, you can easily find any roadblocks or topics of discomfort before they actually happen. But then again, if you’re not yet in any type of committed relationship, you can still share your erotic fantasies, and bring them to life, with the hot and alluring Perth Escorts!

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