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Perth Escorts – 3 Funny Things That Could Happen When You’re Having Amazing Sex

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Sex can be fun, exciting and pretty hilarious too at the same time. Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed about our bodies, because when we have sex, we see two naked people (or more) bumping and grinding! But what’s a little embarrassment and comic relief while you’re getting it on? Here’s a look at a few of the funniest that could happen when you’re having amazing sex.

Everyone Can Hear You

Have you ever felt that someone (or everyone else) was eavesdropping on you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Perth Escorts, while you were getting it on? Well, if you’re doing it in your room at home, there could be a chance that someone else is going to hear you and your partner bump and grind and moan!

And of course, if you’re breaking furniture and making weird noises, that means you are definitely doing it right, in every sense of the phrase, and it also shows that you’re just totally at ease with yourself and the person, even if everyone can hear you both humping and pumping! Well, just remember to laugh it off and be thankful you’re getting some!

You Lose Your Balance

Having great, and amazing sex also means that you might be trying out different positions and angles. Thus, falling off the side of the bed, or slipping from your perch on a chair, or straight up toppling over during standing sex may happen, and thus provide your erotic trysts with some good comic relief!

Something Gets Stuck

If you and your partner are into using sex toys or vibrators, expect tons of awkward and funny moments. Hopefully, none of you get any serious injuries that you’ll have to explain at great length to an emergency room nurse!

But even the most experienced butt plug or vibrator user can even overdo things sometimes. Thus, when you and your girlfriend, or lovely Perth Escorts are into sex toys, always put a premium on safety and comfort!

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