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Perth Escorts – 3 Cool Tips for a Hot Valentine’s Day Sex This 2018

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Yes, I know that the New Year has just come in, and we’re still two months away from Valentine’s Day. But then again, would you want this upcoming Valentine’s Day to be the same as last year’s? Or would you rather want things to heat up a little further? Here are a couple of cool tips to ensure that you have a hot and sizzling Valentine’s Day date this February 14, 2018.

Have Sex Before Dinner
If you had dinner first with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Perth Escorts, before getting down and dirty, perhaps this February 2018 you could try a different tack, by having sex first before dinner!

Think about it – you both have a delicious glass of wine, and another, and then get it on, before having dinner! By doing so, you and your date will spend the rest of the meal basking in a sexy afterglow!

Do Something Fun Rather Than Sexy
For this year’s edition of Valentine’s Day try skipping the usual candle-lit meal with soft violin music, because this may sound so fake, or too common. And instead, try doing an activity which focuses on togetherness and fun. For example, you could go bowling first, or see a movie, or a concert, before getting down and dirty in your home, or in a fancy hotel room!

But if the hotel rooms are kind of full on this very special day, why not book an Airbnb getaway in advance, so that you can give more time to focus on yourselves, rather than on your room’s paper-thin walls!

Get it On in the Morning
While I’m not asking you to get a quick holiday leave, there’s nothing quite rolling over the next morning than whispering sweet nothings, and telling each other the stuff you wished you had done last night in your girlfriend, or lovely Perth Escorts’ ear, and getting it on again in the first few hours of the morning!

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