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Perth Escorts – 3 Big Reasons Why Guys Fake Orgasms

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Did your lady ever wonder if you were faking your climaxes all along? If you think only ladies fake orgasms, think again – gents do so, too. Studies reveal that one in four men confirm they have faked an orgasm at some point in their sex lives! Ask the remarkable Perth Escorts if they have ever pretended to orgasm!

A lot of studies have been conducted about the reasons why females have to fake their Big O’s. However, only a few are done for males. Some expressions of the pretence include a mix of vocalisations, groaning and changes in manual movements.

Here are the possible reasons why men fake their climaxes:

● To get it over and done

It takes about an average of seven minutes for a man to hit climax starting from the moment of penetration. If it takes him more than that, he may decide to put on a big show just to get the intercourse over with. He may get worried if his mate becomes impatient about what’s taking him so long!

Sometimes, the lovers aren’t really into it but anyway, they have to copulate for each other’s sake. Because he wants to please his other half, he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by stopping before reaching the peak.

● To cover up for their untimely ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is among the biggest worries of virtually all men during sex. The condition hurts their ego. Therefore, in order not to feel shame or guilt, they have to put on the big act. For many who are losing a hard-on before they ever reach the summit, it would be easier to fake an orgasm rather than go see a specialist and talk it out.

● To follow the standard

Of course, any couple would be in 7th heaven if they end the play with an explosive orgasm. Who wouldn’t like that? It’s supposed to be the standard. However, if they happen to fall short of the expectations, there’s no other way but to fake the orgasm if this doesn’t take place in a natural way.

There are still more valid reasons as research reveals. To be sure, you have to know the root of the problem with the help of a therapist or counsellor on why you find it hard to maintain an erection. He’d definitely have some measures for you to combat it. For the meantime, you may want to start dating one of the irresistible Perth Escorts and see if there’s a need to fake your climax!

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