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Incredibly Stunning Facts And Figures About Women’s Orgasms

perth escort girl lying in bedIf you’re an avid fan of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the two famous sex researchers on the Showtime hit TV series “The Masters Of Sex”, you’ve probably heard of a lot of steamy stuff about human sexuality already. Still, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s so much to human sexuality that the average individual isn’t aware of yet. This is, even if they watch porn everyday and call themselves sex experts. Here’s a look at a few of stunning sex facts about women’s orgasms, which were also tackled in one or two of the TV show’s episodes.

Ladies Have Three Erogenous Areas

According to sex therapists, the woman’s main erogenous zones include the clitoris, the “G-spot” (which is located on the upper inner walls of the vagina), and the opening of the cervix. Others argue that the nipples should be included in this list, too. Perhaps you could try quizzing your spouse, or your favourite sexy Perth Escorts, on which part of her body is the most sexually sensitive.

Each Woman’s Vagina Has Different Nerve Endings

Each woman is unique, which means that her genital’s nerve endings are distributed differently, too. Thus, every woman will require a slightly different approach or technique to achieve orgasm.

Ladies Can Get Pregnant 5 To 8 Days After Having Sex

A number of studies have indicated that some sperm can survive in the cervical mucus crypt, before the egg is fertilized, even if it’s five to eight days after having sex.

A Well-Hydrated Woman Achieves Better Orgasms

If a woman is having difficulty achieving an orgasm, then perhaps she needs to drink lots of water. Because the body is mostly fluid, being constantly hydrated enhances the person’s ability to achieve more intense orgasms.

Sexual health experts also stress that women are naturally programmed to have orgasms. The problem however, is that not everybody learns how to program their body properly.

Many studies have also indicated that orgasms can make ladies more creative and productive. It  means achieving fuller orgasms when they are productive and creative.

These are but a few of the many fascinating facts about women’s orgasms, tackled in the hit Showtime TV drama series. Well, maybe you and your spouse, or the hot and lovely Perth Escorts should watch the show together, and apply the stuff you learn to your bedroom trysts.

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