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How to be a Gentleman for Perth Escorts

Beautiful Perth escorts are waiting for the perfect men that can woe their hearts for fun and pleasure. These girls are looking for a gentleman that is generous enough to be with them. Being a gentleman is something that you need to be if you want to be with Perth escorts.

Little gestures such as holding the door or pulling up a seat for her during dinner is well appreciated. Escorts love that their clients respect them as a woman not as a commodity. If you are hoping to land an appointment with these ladies, better put your best foot forward and act like a gentleman on the phone or in person.

This will make her feel comfortable around you which in turn better service. In the personal side of it, escorts feel that you appreciate their presence not for the service but for the affection and companionship that she gives.

So what does it take to be a good client for escorts? For first time clients, you would find these tips helpful with your appointment. Listed below are some of the tips that you can use for your date with escort.

  • Never be too early nor too late. Time is something that is precious to these ladies. They get paid for the time that they spend with you. Be right on time on the said appointment date, time and place. If ever you are going to be running late or cannot make it to the meet up, give her a call saying so. Being too early is also not advised. This indicates that you are desperate and in a hurry to commence with your transaction. Take it easy and treat this as a business meeting by showing up on time.
  • Dress to impress. Shower, put on deodorant, cologne and some decent clothes. At least show her that you have good taste in clothes. Depending on what outfit the both of you agreed upon, dress appropriately for your meeting. Never put on too much perfume. Many clients are guilty of this. Avoid putting on too much than average, just the right amount of cologne.
  • Be open to her about yourself. Talking and effectively communicating is one of the most important aspect in establishing a relationship with an escort. It helps you be more comfortable with each other and it gives her an idea of what kind of person you are personally. This also helps the escort create that fantasy or the “spark” in dating.
  • Treat her as a woman like the way it should be. Escorts offer their companionship not for sexual favors but for passion. Treat her as a woman, with respect and high regard for her being. You should be appreciative of her for showing up for the appointment instead of ignoring your call. These girls have the prerogative to accept your calls or not.
  • Be generous. Though it is within your discretion to give her gifts, it would be great if you bring her favorite champagne or flowers when you meet up. Not only generous in material things but also in thought; your hobbies, insights and everything that you could share with your choice escort. If you find her service great, give her a tip as a token of appreciation.


Even though you are paying these ladies to be with you, it would not hurt to show some appreciation by being a gentleman. Make her feel loved and she will return it to you ten times. Click on the gallery for girls that would totally realize your erotic dreams.

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