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Grow Closer and More Intimate with These Topics

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There’s no person who doesn’t want to improve their relationship with their significant other, whether they just got together, or they’ve been a couple for a year or so. This applies even to blokes who engage hot and sexy Perth escorts. Deep down, they still want to find that one person for them, the one they can truly open up to.

As incredible as it sounds, it’s actually possible to build a relationship where growing closer becomes a matter of course, rather than a chore or something to constantly, consciously work at. It all has to do with what you and your partner talk about. Here, then, are some examples of topics that will bring you closer in no time.

  1. Day-to-day gossip. A decade or so ago, gossip was to be avoided. These days, anything that happens in your everyday life, whether at work or at home, counts as gossip – not to be confused with rumours, of course.


If you find it difficult to talk about your day because you don’t want to bore her with details, try looking out for three to five interesting tidbits to tell your girl. Whether it’s a colleague who finally asked someone out, or your boss actually remembering your name – even the little things count for a lot when you share them with your significant other.

  1. World events. With information so readily accessible, it’s hard not to know what’s going on in other countries as well as your own. Get your partner’s opinion on one event or the other, than throw in your two cents – just make sure you don’t sound like you’re about to start a debate.


Stick to ‘safe’ topics until you feel more comfortable around each other, though. Steer clear of politics or religion so you can avoid potential heated discussions.

  1. Approaches to life. We all have different views on life, but we don’t always share them with others. Ask about hers so that you can understand her better, and don’t be afraid to talk about your own – quid pro quo. You’ll show each other another side or another facet of your respective personalities, and it’s hard not to become more intimate because of that.


  1. Fears. Do you trust your partner enough that you know she won’t blackmail you? Then prove how much you trust her by bringing up this rather sensitive and private topic. Ladies love it when men can be frank and openly talk about their fears, from being afraid of heights to fearing the unknown. This means that revealing your more vulnerable side will make her feel less wary about doing the same, so that she’ll eventually bare her own fears.


Even if you’re not in a committed relationship just yet, these topics are sure to keep a conversation going. You could even talk about one or two of them if you’re with one of the gorgeous Perth escorts you see online, if that will help with the illusion that you’re a couple.


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