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Get Things Sizzling in the Bedroom – Use Your Fingers!

hot babe big boobs in perth private escortYou should know by now that when you get frisky under the sheets, your cock isn’t the only tool in your arsenal. Women, including the best Perth escorts, enjoy the activities leading up to sex, because they help her get ready for the main course. These little activities used for foreplay get even better when you use everything you have at your disposal – that is, really get into it.

Your tongue, mouth, lips, hands and fingers can all help turn up her arousal, especially since there are things you can do with your fingers that you can’t do with your boner or only your tongue. Here are a few examples of such actions.

1. Cup her face. Holding a palm to her cheek and whispering a timely comment will send shivers through any babe. Women love to feel emotionally connected, and touching her face will help you do just that, since it’s a sign of closeness and that you want to see her, not just her body.

You know that anticipation is the name of the game, so if you hold her face as if you want to bring her closer while your lips are locked together, that shows her you know the ropes, both in kissing and in bed. Once she feels how skilled you are at the appetiser, she’ll be longing to get to the main course.

2. Play with her hair. Obviously you can run your cock through her hair, and it’ll feel weird to try and run your tongue through it. For some women, playing with their hair is a sign that you noticed the effort she put into looking good for you. A gentle tug while making out or your fingers in her locks when she goes down on you will say a lot about how much you want her, which turns her on, too.

3. Caress her body. Use a very light touch – one that’s barely there – while running your hand over her body. Trace her arms, her breasts, hips, legs, and so on. Leave her nether regions for last, and you’ll hear a horny moan as a reward for you taking the time instead of jumping right into teasing her down there.

4. Spread her lips. When you go down on her, your tongue won’t be enough to warm her up. Draw out the tongue lashing by using your fingers to slowly spread her lower lips, exposing the inner parts. This makes her feel more vulnerable and thus excited for more.

Once again, if you really get into teasing and pleasing her in this way, she’ll look forward even more to the time you finally enter her, so she’ll be practically dripping when that happens. Looking forward to seeing the effects of these actions for yourself but don’t have a committed partner? Go ahead and look for Perth Escorts online to keep you company, and get ready for the best sex sessions you’ll ever have.

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