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Escorting: More than Meets the Eye

Experience high class Perth escorts right now and be pleasured like you have never been before. With one look, you will be mesmerized with their angelic faces and sophistication. But do not be fooled with their appearance, they can be devilish seductresses that can drive you to the edge. It would make your stay in the city of lights a more fun and exciting trip.

Some people might think that escorts are regular sex workers but there is something more about them than meets the eye. Yes, these women do offer sexual favors for their clients but it is not the only thing that they offer, they offer companionship and passion. Depending on your sexual drive, these women can transform from an elegant exquisite courtesan to your personal sex kitten.

Money and escorting

Escorting is not only a form of entertainment, it is also a business and business means dealing with money. Many people are thinking that escorts are earning more than regular office employees do. It is true that escorts can earn up to $1000 or more an hour but before they achieved such stature, they worked hard for it.

Agency escorts are not earning that much compared to independent escorts. Yes, they do not have to take care of advertising themselves or paying their taxes but they have to give more or less than 60 percent to the agency. So as much as possible, on the transaction, they will try to up sell as much as they can to earn extra.

Being an escort is not all fun and games. For full time independent escorts, they themselves have to deal with all the administrative work done such as paying and filing for taxes, marketing themselves, client calls and more. Balancing all this work with your personal and escort life is not easy.

Courtesans need to work hard to balance their personal lives and escorting. There are even private girls out there that are having a hard time moving on after retiring from the business. Perth escorts are tough yet delicate women for your satisfaction.

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