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End Things Before They Get Worse – Top Tips to Calling Off a Bad Relationship

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We all know that relationships are good for you. Usually, they help you be more than friends with someone, teach you how to accept being vulnerable and becoming emotionally close to another person, and overall make you a better person. Sadly, there are those exceptions where relationships do more harm than good – and not in a way that you can handle just by turning to one of the sexy Perth Escorts you see online now and then.

What’s interesting is that much of a relationship is all in your head – so if you believe you’re not as happy as you think you should be, it’s likely to be true. Should that happen, many experts will suggest letting the relationship go even if you still happen to like your partner very much. Unfortunately, cutting ties with a partner is one of the hardest things to do, although there are ways you can make it a little easier.

1. Make a list of the reasons it needs to end. When you feel like your relationship is going nowhere and you’re no longer happy in it, you have to look at the reasons why. Make sure you understand them before sitting your soon-to-be-ex down for The Talk. Knowing why it all needs to end will help you avoid any second-guessing, which can make you sound insincere.

2. Remember that no way out will be easy. If you’re sure that you need to end the relationship, don’t take any cheap shortcuts to try and make breaking up with her easier. This means you should be level-headed and sober – so no drinking beforehand! – and do it in person. There are few things worse than breaking up with your girl over text or letting someone play messenger and bring her the unfortunate news.

3. Accept your decision. This is connected to the first two points, really, because without conviction, talking with your partner will be ineffective.

She’ll be less likely to believe the reasons you’re giving her, and more likely to believe you’re hiding something from her – which could make her hang on all the more. Plus, if even you aren’t fully convinced, you’ll just be confused and sad, which will make recovering from the break-up a little more difficult. You could also not be convinced because you believe there’s something more you can do.

4. Give it one more chance. There are times when a relationship that seems bad just needs a little more effort from the two people involved. Who knows – you may see some progress if you both try and make it work. However, if your best efforts can’t seem to fix things, then that just shows there’s nothing more you can do but break it off.

A relationship coming to an end can be awkward and difficult; remembering the above will help you be more prepared to face the challenge, though. If you have trouble getting over it afterwards, there are always Perth Escorts to keep you company.

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