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Cheapest Escorts Perth – Essential Sex Tips for People Who Have Diabetes

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Do you eat too much sweets? Or do you consume too much rice, or soft drinks? Perhaps you should considerably reduce your sugar cravings now, especially if you want to steer clear from dreaded diseases like diabetes. According to health experts, medical conditions like diabetes can cause a person’s sex life to take a plunge. But, if you already have diabetes, here are a couple of essential tips on how to have great sex.

Get Moving

Whether you have diabetes or not, I guess you always make sure that you and your favourite Cheapest Escorts Perth make the most out of your erotic adventures! But, if you already have diabetes, the best step would be to get moving!

Research shows that exercise plays a major role in reversing diabetes symptoms, and it also works wonders for your sex life by strengthening your heart, and improving flexibility and stamina, as well as by increasing blood flow to those all-important areas down below.

Thus, there’s no need to sign up for a marathon, as low-impact workouts like yoga can already increase circulation and awaken the sensation in areas where you may have experienced nerve damage brought about by diabetes!

Use Sugar-Free Lubricants

Lubricants should be part and parcel of everyone’s sexual arsenal. However, diabetics need to watch which lubes they use, because some lubes actually contain forms of sugar like glycerin and propylene, which throw off vaginal pH, and can even trigger yeast infections in women! So, to ensure that your lady doesn’t fall prey to nasty yeast infections, especially if she has diabetes, check the lube’s ingredients list and choose a silicone-based lube.

Control Your Glucose Levels

Maintaining blood sugar levels in the normal range helps protect blood vessels, prevents nerve damage and makes it easier for you to ward off infections, as well as enjoy having sex even if you’re already a diabetic!

This means ditching high-glycemic carbs in favour of whole grains, protein, fruits and veggies.

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