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Awesome Reasons Why Space is Important in A Relationship

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“I just need some space.” This phrase can come from either you or your partner at any point in your relationship. Regardless of who said it, needing space in love can be confusing, if not frustrating. After all, if you love each other, why do you need a break, so to speak? Needing space doesn’t mean engaging one of the Perth escorts you find online when not with your partner, by the way.

The truth is, respecting each other’s space even when you’re a couple is important to helping each other grow as individuals and as a pair. And let’s face it – you may have been in a relationship where you found yourself complaining about how clingy your partner was. Here’s why not spending every waking moment with each other can actually strengthen your bond.

1. You don’t run out of topics. Don’t fret if you both lead busy lives where your careers are just as important as your relationship. When you find the time to call each other, or go out on a weekend, you’ll really be able to catch up. There’ll be no awkward pauses, no casting about for a new topic.

You’ll also find it easier to ask about certain situations – for example, if the last time you talked, there was talk of her heading a project, you can ask if it pushed through, and how the project’s coming along. These may sound like mundane topics, but couples who share such details about their lives eventually grow closer.
2. You pay more attention. When something happens while you’re at work, for example, and it’s something your girl would’ve found amusing, you’re bound to take notice of it. You’ll also appreciate everyday happenings, since they’re things you can talk about when you meet up even just for coffee.

3. You have time to plan. When dates are a rare occurrence, you want to make them memorable. Not meeting for a week or so gives you time to really plan where you’ll be going next. She’ll appreciate that more than a quickly-thrown together date idea – no matter how simple the actual date turns out to be.

4. You appreciate your time together. Speaking of appreciating things, when you spend just one day a week with your significant other, they become that much more special. It won’t take much for you to start grinning like a schoolboy, and you’ll head back home with thoughts filled with her. She’s likely to feel the same way, all giggly and shy as if you’re on your first date.

Appreciating your time together means you’d enjoy it more, too. When you part ways afterward, it won’t be long before you start looking forward to your next meet-up.

If you’re not yet ready to get into the dating game, or if you’re getting over a breakup, just keep these in mind for when you’re already in a relationship. Until then, look for Perth escorts online who can keep you company when you need it.

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