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5 Secrets to Deal with Insecurity in Your Relationship

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As far as relationships go, possessiveness and jealousy can be annoying to deal with, but more often than not, they point to a deeper problem: insecurity. Whether it’s you or your partner who’s feeling threatened – perhaps she accused you of browsing the Internet for Perth escorts with nothing to back it up – you need to deal with that underlying problem so your relationship doesn’t run off the tracks.

Unfortunately, not everyone can understand if their partner feels only confusion in their relationship, making insecurity even harder to handle. But there are ways you can do so. Here’s a brief look at a few strategies.

1. Pinpoint the reason. Insecurity in a relationship occurs because you’re afraid of losing your partner – but do you know the root cause of that feeling? Maybe you’ve noticed a lot of people find your girl attractive, or she doesn’t make you feel appreciated. Perhaps she even goes out a lot with her own friends and doesn’t always tell you.

Before you can start to handle your insecurities, you need to figure out why you feel that way. Otherwise, you can’t take the proper steps to ease that confusion.

2. Talk it out. Once you know why you feel insecure, ask your partner if you can talk it over. Don’t tell her outright that you feel insecure, because that could make things worse. Instead, say that you don’t feel as loved as you used to, and give a few examples of situations where she left you feeling taken for granted.

As hard as this sounds, you need to be sure sadness, frustration, or any other negative emotion shows in your voice. Be as matter-of-fact as you can.

3. Work on your confidence. Another reason you may feel insecure is because you don’t feel too good about yourself. You may be confident, but the lack of faith in your relationship is a sign that that confidence is lacking, too.

Find things that you like about yourself, whether it’s physical or something else. There’s a reason your partner was attracted to you, so it’s time you remind yourself of that and be a little more confident.

4. Trust her. Trust is one of the pillars of a good relationship, so if one partner doesn’t trust the other, the foundation is bound to be wobbly. If you haven’t already done so, take that leap of faith and just trust your partner.

5. Remember she’s just a part of your life. In the end, you and your partner are only a part of each other’s lives. When you stop making your world revolve around her, that could help ease the insecurity.

You didn’t start feeling insecure overnight. In the same way, it’ll take time to fully ease the insecurity.

Still single? Go ahead and browse the Web for Perth escorts to keep you company when you need it. Perhaps you can pick up some tips from them about dealing with insecurity.

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