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4 Hot Tricks To Experience Euphoria Between The Sheets

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How do you want to be so connected with your guy and experience being pleasured? It’s nice to hear women coming out and sharing hot tips that truly work. Are you ready to explode in bed? If so, try these secrets that most women like the sensuous Perth Escorts, have already explored.





Various Ways To Experience Euphoria Between The Sheets


1. Set The Mood
Lighting scented candles are a great way to create an erotic mood. Yet, did you know that dimming the lights as well means showing him you’re geared up for intimacy? Yes, light up one scented candle then lower the illumination. Top it off with a soft sultry tune and you’re good to go for an awesome romance!


2. Go To Bed In The Nude
Among the best and the clearest segues to lovemaking, going to sleep naked is a convenient way of letting your hands go and just touch, caress, fondle your lover anywhere you desire. Don’t feel shy to tell him you’re comfortable sleeping with no clothes on, so you can urge him to do so.


3. Transform Basic Positions Into Blockbusters
Missionary with a twist – Man on top can be boring if you don’t give it a makeover. Try putting a pillow under your butt to kind of elevate your pelvis. With your lower body inclined, him stimulating your clit and vagina comes easy as he bumps, rocks and pumps away. How easy could orgasm come to you this way!

Doggy-style for a blast – As you kneel on all fours, guide his hand towards your privates; a finger could gently stroke your clit and poke your outer lips while he rubs his dick along your anal area. Then, as he penetrates you from behind, let his finger continue kneading your clit until you get a bombastic climax!


4. Kiss With A Surprise
Kissing is such a delightful way to get you aroused, if you know how. Start with slow lip nibbling, lip licking and later thrust your lip deeper. Make it nice, slow and longer and you’ll see, in no time, you’re already leaking!

There are still more ways to get hotter in bed. If those mentioned aren’t enough, get yourself the ideal sex toy to enhance the intercourse, and not to undermine your lover. You can even do an early morning ‘sexual workout’, or if not, sex after the fitness workout in the morning!


Let the kinky Private Perth Escorts be your source of more erotic tips for an explosive orgasm.

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