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3 Types of Lube That Will Transform Your Sex Life

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A lot of women today often have problems dealing with vaginal dryness, and painful sex.  Health experts say that vaginal dryness is often brought about by stress, the use of certain medications, or the drop in estrogen which happens post-childbirth and just before menopause. So, to ensure that you and your lady have a fun, exciting and hassle-free bedroom romp, here are a couple of lubricant variants that are sure to rev up your erotic life.

All-Natural Lubes

If you’re looking to further enhance the quality of your erotic adventures with ladies like the hot and sexy Perth Escorts, London Escorts and Chelsea Escorts perhaps you could start by purchasing all-natural lubricants!  While the sweet smell of coconut oil may be enough to enhance your experience in bed, sex experts recommend that you use it as a lube, and as massage oil too! Just make sure you don’t use it with condoms, as it may degrade the latex!

Long-Lasting Lubes                                                                   

If you’re shopping for long-lasting lubes, perhaps you could try getting silicone-based lubes, because they’re thicker than water-based lube and provide the silky feeling you crave throughout, even during marathon romps!

And if you and your partner want to experiment in the shower or bathtub, then silicone would be your best bet, because it won’t wash off! However, there’s one downside to using silicone-based lubes, and it’s the fact that you can’t use it with sex toys, because silicone-on-silicone causes a reaction that degrades the toy over time!

Lubes for Sensitive Skin

According to health experts, organic lubricants are ideal for everyone who has sensitive skin, or simply wishes to avoid using chemical-based lubes. One popular organic lubricant is made with aloe vera, is paraben-free and is safe to use with latex condoms and silicone toys!

So, the next time you and your long-time partner, or your favourite Perth Escorts, are shopping around for lubricants, I hope this short guide will help you make the right choice, and get the right lube for your need!

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