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Perth Escorts – Top 4 Intimate Sex Positions to Bring the Romance Back

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When someone mentions romance, people tend to think of candlelit dinners and unhurried strolls through a mostly deserted park. However, the usual ideas of romance aren’t the only options open to you, especially when trying to bring a spark back into your relationship. As the lovely courtesans at Perth Escorts will point out, it may just as well start with an intimate hour or two in the bedroom.

Now you can simply cuddle with your girl and talk about things you’ve never talked about with anyone but those you’re closest to – and that’s perfectly fine. However, you can actually use sex to bring the romance back. Just use any of these intimate sex positions.

1. Spooning. This is a very comfortable position, and you can easily go from making love to just cuddling while in it. Even if your girl isn’t facing you and there’s no eye contact unless she looks over her shoulder at you, having her in your arms and holding her close is plenty intimate, and helps you both feel more connected.

2. Woman on top. You could also call this the seated cowgirl, since you’ll be sitting up instead of laying down. Your partner will still be straddling you, only now it’s more like she’s seated in your lap with her legs wrapped around your waist. Since you’ll be closer, you can easily play with her boobs or kiss her while she rides you.

3. Missionary. This basic sex position is also one of the best when it comes to building intimacy. You’ll be face to face with your girl, and her hands will be free to explore your body while you thrust into her. Try lifting her legs and draping them on your shoulder so your cock can stimulate her clit while you’re thrusting. That will turn up the heat without compromising the intimacy of being face-to-face.

4. The suspender. You’ll want to make sure you have the upper-body strength for this, since it involves your girl wrapping her legs around your waist and bouncing up and down on your cock. You’ll need to hold onto her so that she doesn’t hit the floor. While physically challenging, it’s still intimate because you can kiss and whisper in each other’s ear.

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