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Perth Escorts – 4 Weird & Disturbing Sex Facts That Many People Aren’t Aware Of

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If the weirdest, or the most disturbing fact about sex that you know is that men think of sex like a hundred times a more than women in a day alone, well dude you are just so lame (Or shall I say, so out of touch with reality?). Here’s a sneak peek at a few more of the weirdest and most disturbing sex facts that many people actually aren’t aware of.

 Fat Men Have More Sexual Endurance Than Thin Men

Who says that the skinny guys always have more fun in bed? Well, multiple studies already confirmed that it takes severely overweight men nearly 3 times as long to ejaculate as it does a fit gym rat who’s always asking girls to feel their six-packs! But then again, I’m not saying that you should get more belly fat, just so that you’ll have more fun in bed with ladies as hot and sizzling as the Perth Escorts!

2/3 of Men & Women Fantasized About Other People While Having Sex with Their Partner

Before you get into a fight with your wife, girlfriend or mistress, please take this weird fact in stride. Yes, 2/3 of men and women have admitted to fantasizing with other people while having sex with their partner. Come on dude, it’s just one of the many ways for keeping some spice in your love life!

The Human Mouth Hosts Over 500 Types of Bacteria

Yes, this notion is true, and health experts all over the world agree that the human mouth, like any other part of the body, hosts over 500 types of bacteria. So, please try not to think of this the next time you kiss someone, or they’re going down on you, because the thought of visualizing 500 different types of bacteria squirming all over your shaft could just literally kill the mood!

Straight Guys Comprise More Than Half the Audience for Online Transgender Porn

A study conducted from one billion online searches for porn worldwide has surprisingly found that transgender porn is actually the 4th most popular form of porn on earth, and that straight guys are the main consumers of it!

So, it seems that there may actually be less trans-phobia or even homophobia out there than you think there is! Well, I guess your girlfriend, and even your favourite Perth Escorts, love watching transgender porn too!

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